About Us

Hi All,

Shina Lawal here, I’m an online entrepreneur of over a decade from Nigeria. If there is anything I love doing, it is to put smiles on people’s face by helping them become successful. In my over a decade sojourn online I have done affiliate marketing, PTC, cpa, google adsense, Forex trading and training, Fx investment, Rev shares, Matrix, GH/PH program, etc and like many who are like me, I have had good success in many of them, slight success in some and insignificant success in some. In all of these my journeys, I found what I was looking for BUT not “PERFECT” hence my resolve to make a couple of changes and a bit of ingenuity to create what I believe millions out there like me are looking for, EASY LIFE FUNDZ.

I have been involved in programs that looks like “YES, THIS IS IT” but only to find out down the road that such programs has only succeeded in wasting my time and resources and to make the mater worse, friends and families trust were broken because they were “dragged “into the failed program and you just can’t give a satisfactory explanation as to why the beyond your control “promising”program failed.

In the last 2 months (as of the time of this writing) I have being involved in at least 5 Matrixes program with different compensation plans and levels but one common factor I discovered is that the structure favours early registrants or the industry leaders who have large followers to fill up their matrix while newbies will be left at the mercy of their spillovers. This is EASY LIFE FUNDZ greatest strength as the structures favours all irrespective of when you join as you are not required to have up to even 10 members to make good earnings from the system, every body can make money from EASY LIFE FUNDZ AND THIS HAS BEEN MY GREATEST DESIRE ,TO CREATE A SYSTEM WHERE IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR EXPERIENCE AND BACKGROUND YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH LITTLE EFFORT AND LIVE YOUR DREAM and here you have it in your hand, EASY LIFE FUNDZ.

Trust me, you don’t need to go look for the next shining thing on the horizon. You don’t need to look for programs that looks greener the other side only to get there to discover it is not so after wasting your time and resources. Don’t waste your time on programs that promises big returns but not sustainable., EASY LIFE FUNDZ’ structure and compensation plan is HIGHLY SUSTAINABLE , PRACTICABLE AND REALISTIC.